Green Launching KOPHI Yogya

A Little Note of Green Launching KOPHI Regional Yogyakarta

“Green Mission For The Better Future”

Talkshow: Tindakanmu, Planetmu, Pilihanmu!

31st May 2012, pukul 09.00 in Gedung Balaikota Yogyakarta


Emmy Yuniarti Rusadi

External Division

Moderator on Green Launching of KOPHI Yogyakarta Region


KOPHI (Koalisi Pemuda Hijau Indonesia) Yogyakarta Region had declared its position by its launching entitled Green Launching. The theme of the whole package of the launching was  “Green Mission For The Better Future”. It was used to motivate the participants and public especially young people know better about their relation to the future. It is not only about making a mission, but how to implement that for a better future. Future here mainly for the environment future. The one that we should preserve, conserve, and take care a long.

On the occasion, we had three main speakers from different background of career. First was Iswanto, S.Pd. M.kes from Ecotourism Sukunan Village, Ir.Sri Adiyaksa from PU Surakarta (Civic work Department of Surakarta), and last was Dra.Ika Rostika, MM from BLH Kota Yogyakarta Environmental Centre Department of Yogyakarta Main City). The big idea from all speakers were that environment should be now our concern. Not only making discourses, but how to act.

The first speaker is a practician also an academician who took experience in 3R action (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in Sukunan Village. He did that as a part of heart calling and awareness that even the waste could be useful for human, for a better orientation and advantage. So he did communicate with some stakeholders over there. The stakeholders didn’t mean only the formal institutions or such of  it. But more of it, he invited the local people, scavengers, mom’s community, and he was helped by big support of his wife to do the green project. There was no exact name at the time, but now, we can see it as Ecotourism of Sukunan Village.  The village that popular with its green products such as bags, sandals, flower pots, reuseable woman’s wipe, motorcycle accesories (on the seat part of motorcycle), and others of useful products. These are made by the own self community in Sukunan Village. They use the waste materials like plastics and styrofoams. They create simple machine to produce them all. The social system on that place also changed to be more productive and creative. These are the sample of Sukunan Village strategies we can summarize:

  1. 1.      Mom’s Community

Mr.Iswanto’s wife get involved in making some merchandises from plastics materials. The materials are found from the scavengers by collecting the industry’s plastic ones like ex of detergent’s sachets, big sachets, and separate them into some categories from the colours, type, and pattern. She can sew, so the creation from this kind of activity are product of handmade. So unique because the detail of products are there.

Furthermore, there are special songs created by theme of environment. These are sang by the mom’s community in some meetings, in the small path of village together to touch the awareness fun, by simple words.

  1. 2.      Young Community

Mr.Iswanto awared that the education level over there were not high. The human resources are many in the ricefield occupancy. It means that they need more motivation to know and understand what the advantage to manage the wastes. He tried to place some motivation word of attention near the place people trash the waste commonly, inappropriately. The words contented by soft warning for the people to remember the effect of the bad attitude in trashing inappropriately. He brings the value of religiousity and local wisdoms. Beside that, he can motivate the farmers and the young boys to make flowers pots and building materials for wall. This action also high appreciated because the people in there can use them to rebuild the house, making wall by not heavy materials.

  1. 3.      Bussines Link

There is success without any cooperation. This what makes Mr.Iswanto keep highestimtes to the all components of people in Sukunan Village, for example the scavangers who collect the wastes. One piece of medium size of plastic can be priced by Rp 20,00. Imagine that the numbers of plastics are more than 1000 pieces. Worthed. And this one of economic purpose for local people reached.

  1. 4.      Green Impact

Clean and healthy. Two main words that makes a better situation for Sukunan Village. From them, any impacts such of green educations, green economic, and green motivations are spread away well. People more understand that their village also can be a good sample for other village to do the same, that is why ecotourism of Sukunan Village then be opened.


Now, we move to the other two speakers. Both were from formal/governmental institutions that connects to environmental issues. From Surakarta, we could learn the action of Car Freeday. From Kota Yogyakarta (the Main City of Yogyakarta) we can learn that there is a system in making of greenbelt and green public space by the government buys the public land to build public garden as part of 30% minimum of green spaces according to the national rule of space management (UU Penataan Ruang No.26 Tahun 2007). Many questions were there during the talkshow sessions. Main questions were about the government projects and goals for making a better space and environmental quality. Mrs.Ika Rostika from BLH Kota Yogyakarta said that environment was not only about planting trees also, but how about making habits. Motorcycle that produce so many tons of CO2 have to be reduced. There is a system for the motorcycle user check the number of emission freely in BLH’s laboratory. Other project is a grant of 10 million rupiahs for the hamlet or village use the baby trees to be planted in their areas. So worthed project actually.


Different with Yogyakarta, Surakarta (or as popular name is Solo) keep moving with the green city agenda by planting more trees to reach a goal of City Garden. Others are mainly about reducing the carbon by spreading the campaign of car free day every Sunday in the main roads in there.

From all the info and experiences, we can take lesson learned that all actions can be success only by efforts. No success without efforts. So now, let’s shout: Let’s act for the better future! Our action is our choice, our awareness! Let’s be a green HEROES!!

Salam lestari from KOPHI Yogya 🙂

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