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SWITCH Campaign with 350.org

SWITCH Campaign with 350.org




350 Local Event

“SWITCH!! Liberation from Fossil Fuel Addiction Campaign” Jogjakarta – Indonesia

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has warned that without bold action in the next five years the world will lock itself into high-emissions energy sources that will push climate change beyond the 2 degrees Celsius considered relatively ‘safe’ by many scientists and officials.

Climate change driven natural disasters like heavy rains and floods are also the reasons behind low coal production. At the end of 2010, Australia suffered serious floods and Indonesia had heavy rains throughout the year causes drop in the coal production. Heavy rains affect Indonesia- the source for India’s major coal imports. It has significantly affected Indian industrial operations depending on coal during the periods of excess rain.

One important call to action is we don’t need to pay something that bring us to the edge of extinction with all the greediness from fossil fuel industry and start to leverage the renewable energy, stop fossil fuel addiction, and start support renewable energy.

So we need to build momentum, create people power movement from youth and middle class group asks the government to SWITCH!! their energy policy to be more clean, renewable and safe. Also asks the society to SWITCH!! their behavior to be more clean, renewable and safe.

“It’s the Earth who needs us!!”

This activity is going to be held to encourage the society to:
1. Reduce Fossil Fuel Addiction
2. Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption
3. Reduce Emission Production
4. Do Energy Efficiency

Sunday, December 30, 2012
4pm – 7pm

Kilometer 0 of Jogjakarta (at the end of Malioboro Street)
Continue to: North Square town (where “Sekaten” is held)

Source: http://local.350.org/events/162/


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